Guápil y Maldito DeLorean

Event Description:

Guápil and Maldito DeLorean joined their red roots in a collaboration some time ago and want to express the energy of the concert they prepared, celebrating collaboration and solidarity in the arts.

Invitation is for Friday, June 21, starting at 8:30 in Triangle Showroom.

Guápil is a simple and deep music duo of songs to earth, sky and sea and many other things. Amanda and Xime musicize their songs accompanied by various stringed instruments, body percussion and vocals.

Maldito DeLorean is a retro futuristic rock music band, with strong transfer of cosmic data. The songs have no gender, rather they are degenerate. David in the machines, Luis in the strings and Karol with keys.

More information in links attached. Click on tickets button for details on entrance fee!

Video: Maldito DeLorean | Chivo Completo | Jueves de Chivo | MxI
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