Historias de Sublevación

Event Description:

From Friday, 15, to Sunday, November 17, at the Taetro de la Danza (CENAC), we invite you to attend the premiere of “Stories of Uprising”, under the direction of Hazel González.

Raised as a process of collective creation, it takes into account fundamental aspects of artistic work such as intuition, rationality, technique, method, exploration, openness to the emergent, analysis and evaluation.

The work has as a central theme, the small acts of revolt that people carry out daily, as a search and need to unveil the Desire. In this journey, each one faces his own gaze which is, in turn, the gaze of the other and the Other. The desire of each one is crossed by the desire of the other, thus forming multiple stories. The uprising appears as a way to question the predictable and universal history, allowing the state of reinvention.

For information and reservations, you can contact: [email protected] or visit the attached links. Click on the tickets button for details about entrance fee!

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