Ismael Serrano

Event Description:

Whether you are looking for an environment full of surprises and a day full of new experiences, you should come over along with your friends this Thursday, November 22, starting at 08:00 p.m. and welcomingly join us at Teatro Popular Mélico Salazar, where you will enjoy a great musical repertoire full of nostalgia and several stories, interpreted by Ismael Serrano.

Presenting his tour “20 years. Today is always “, the renowned Spanish singer-songwriter will arrive in San José to celebrate his two decades of committed career. Ismael Serrano is a Spanish singer-songwriter of the new generation of singer-songwriters that appeared in the nineties. He draws influences from Serrat, Aute, Joaquín Sabina and Silvio Rodríguez as well as poets, such as Luis García Montero and Mario Benedetti.

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Video: Ismael Serrano - Ahora Que Te Encuentro
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