Jakem, Lanzamiento del álbum Declive Humano

Event Description:

On Saturday, January 18, at 8:00 pm in the SCCA Cantina, we invite you to attend “Jakem, Launch of the Human Decline Album” with your friends.

Enjoy this great presentation of the second studio album entitled “Human Decline”, live!, Accompanied by two talented bands: Heresy and Höwler.

Jakem is a Costa Rican Thrash Metal band since 2011, with a theme of social criticism, formed by Nathie Nathkem on vocals, Lenin Zamora on the lead guitar, Torvik Catto on the rhythm guitar, Christopher Calderón on bass, and Fabián Mora in the battery.

Click on the tickets button for details about entrance fee! For more information, you can contact [email protected] or visit the attached links.

Video: JAKEM - Carnicero (En vivo en estudio)
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