Juguemos en el bosque

Event Description:

From Thursday, 22, to Sunday, August 25, at the University Theater, University of Costa Rica, the Young Producing project of the University Theater presents “Let’s Play in the Forest”, a collective creation under the scenic direction of Elvia Amador.

In this play four actresses tell us, while representing, different stories that arise from the question of how they live their “womanhood”, or what is it for them to be a woman?

“Let’s play in the forest” offers the public an active place of play with their own memory, a symbolic encounter with their life experiences. The work proposes an encounter with inheritance and learned patterns, inherited without fear, without forgetting that these individual stories are often full of struggles of other women who have asked the same questions. The work is suggested for over 18 years.

Lucía Alvarado Montoya, Pamela Alfaro, Kathleen Muñóz Delgado, Fernanda Calvo González, Susan Vargas Chacón, Sandra Campos, Erick Meza, Luis Ernesto Solís Badilla, Angélica Zamora Montero, Adrian Campos Sandí, Francella Lizano Vargas, Yingry Rodríguez participate in this staging Jiménez, Natalia Romero and Elvia Amador Rojas.

The play will be presented on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00 pm and Sundays at 6:00 pm.

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