Kibbo Kift, Los Crueles y Jesús con Corte Militar en vivo

Event Description:

On Friday, September 20, at 8:00 pm in the Creative Showroom Triangle, we invite you to attend “Chivo in the: Kibbo Kift / Los Crueles / Jesus with Military Court” with your friends.

Enjoy a night full of the best music of these 3 great bands. With a view to launching the Ep in October, Kibbo Kift organizes this concert as a means of fundraising. In addition, there will be sale of merchandise from the bands.

Kibbo Kift is the name of an ancient youth culture subaltern to the Scouts, who was born in the middle of the First World War, was aimed at the utopian idea of gender equality, life based on nature, making art based on nature too. The band took this name from them, since it wants to generate some kind of culture or alternative scene here in Alajuela, it is the “utopian” idea.

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Video: Kibbo Kift - Queso
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