Krinégrafo presenta: ganadoras en Cannes

Event Description:

May arrives, month of one of the most important film festivals in the world: Cannes, and Krinégrafo: Cinema and Criticism, has a film series dedicated to winners of Palme d’Or, Festival’s maximum prize.

For Sunday, May 26, we have “Taste of cherries” [Ta’m e guilass], written and directed by Abbas Kiarostami, Iranian director, who in this film shows us some of the distinctive marks of his style, such as the absence of a script before filming, relying on improvisations, participation of people outside acting world as his actors and scenes inside cars.

In this 1997 film, Kiarostami narrates in 95 minutes how Mr. Badii drives through Tehran in search of someone who agrees to do some work for him, in exchange for a large sum of money. During his conversations with potential candidates, reveals that his plan is to commit suicide and that he has even dug his own grave, so he only needs to find a man willing to bury his lifeless body.

Screening starts at 3:00 pm in Sala Garbo and is a film suitable for persons over 13 years. Click on tickets button for details on entrance fee! For more information visit links attached.

Video: Trailer Videodromo | El sabor de las cerezas - Abbas Kiarostami (1997)
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