La Banda de Joaquín Sabina en concierto

Event Description:

The musicians and co-authors who have accompanied Joaquín Sabina in their concerts and recordings throughout his artistic life, will arrive in San José with his “Authentic Noche Sabinera” tour, to offer the best versions of his classics in a concert that the passionate public sabinero will enjoy it in a big way.

The show offers the public the chance to listen to the most beloved songs of the singer-songwriter, performed by none other than his own musicians and co-authors and with the company and voice of the always beloved Mara Barros.

It is a night with all the magic “sabinera”, the repertoire of the great Spanish singer-songwriter accompanied with stories and anecdotes about the origin of the songs, about the tours and moments shared with Joaquín.

The appointment will be on Thursday 22 and Friday August 23 at 8:00 p.m., at the Teatro Melico Salazar. More information in the links attached.

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Video: Banda Joaquin Sabina - La Cancion de los Buenos Borrachos (Directo)
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