Le Bom

Event Description:

Le Bom is a dance show, supported by the creative team Workshop DV8, performed by Laura Gonzalez and under the co-production of the National Theater. A 50-minute remake of the original 12-minute version and will be presented on Thursday 15, Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday August 18, at the Vargas Calvo Theater.

In this staging, a woman lives as a refugee in her home after she witnessed a tragic accident at the school she studied. Since then, the news is the medium he uses to remain connected with the outside. An electric shock caused by her radio leads her to embody stories of other women who have been interviewed in different parts of the world. Through them, you will live experiences related to female stereotypes, death, sexual exploitation, commitment and love.

The current creative team consists of:
Direction and dramaturgy: Laura Gonzalez and Andrea MN
Visual advice: Mariela Richmond
Audiovisual edition: Lotfi Hajaji Salgado
Sound composition: Topo Villegas

Pre-sales until August 6 at number 8894-8766. Hours from Thursday to Saturday at 8:00 pm and Sunday at 5:00 pm. More information in the attached links. Click on the tickets button for details about entrance fee!

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