Lecturas Caníbales: Apañar la Mediateca

Event Description:

“Cannibal Reading” is a project that is part of the Mediation Program of Contemporary Cultural Practices, which seeks to facilitate the conditions for a critical approach to contemporary cultural practices, encourage participation and generate a permanent dialogue between creators, cultural researchers and Different audiences

The objective is to promote the processes of citizen participation through the promotion of citizen participation through spaces for dialogue and debate that affect social transformation.

The intention of the Cannibal Readings is to generate a permanent space to reflect and imagine the possibilities of mediation, articulate people who are dedicated to mediation and generate experiences from mediation that interest various audiences. We will start from texts that are found in the Media Library of the Cultural Center of Spain and that deal with issues about emotions, diversity, corporalities, sexualities and performactivities.

In collaboration with La Ruidosa Office there will be Mediation against walls, on Thursday, December 5 at 7:00 pm at Casa Caníbal.

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