Los Garbanzos presentan: Anestesia

Event Description:

“Los Garbanzos” presents its new single “Anesthesia”, on a great night at the SCCA Cantina, on Thursday, June 26, starting at 8:00 p.m. As special guests they will be live Endemia and they will have an after party with Dj Six. They will also take advantage of the show to record the video of the single.

The Chickpeas were born in 1994 mixing rhythms such as punk and hardcore, for years later incorporate instruments that gave a Latin nuance to wanting to be called by themselves as a tropical rock band.

Group members:
– Paulo Parra: Voice
– Arturo Díaz: Battery
– Jonathan Herrera: Guitar
– Marco Calderón: Rhythmic Guitar
– Leo C. Marenco: Low
– Carlos “Pipo” Chaves: Latin Percussion
– Luis Paulino Fallas: Trumpet
– Andrés Córdoba: Trombone.

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Video: Mentados y Los Garbanzos - De vuelta
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