Manuel Medrano en Costa Rica 2018

Event Description:

While some artistic presentations seem to promise the best experiences when it comes to an unprecedented presentation, there will always be an occasion that somehow exceeds our expectations; in such a way, you should come over this Friday, November 9th starting at 8:00 p.m. at the Peppers Disco Club where you will have the opportunity to enjoy, not to say live, a musical experience that will leave little to your imagination: “Manuel Medrano from Colombia”.

Not only will you be a direct participant in an environment full of good vibes worthy of vigil, but you will also enjoy the maximum repertoire of music interpreted by Manuel Medrano. Then, you will enjoy an unprecedented night full of pop.

Manuel Alejandro Medrano López, better known as Manuel Medrano, is a Colombian pop singer-songwriter, winner of two Latin Grammy Awards.

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Video: Manuel Medrano - Bajo El Agua
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