Mujeres en el Bronce

Event Description:

On Thursday, September 19, at 7:00 pm in the María Clara Cullell Room of the School of Musical Arts, UCR, we invite you to attend “Women in the Bronze”, an initiative of the Lilium Brass group, who They wanted to share the stage with more than 15 female brass instrument performers from Costa Rica.

They have thus created different ensemble formats, among them, Lilium trio format and percussion, trombone duet, horn quartet and even a large bronze choir, thus executing a varied repertoire with total feminine essence. Entrance is free.

Lilium Brass is Girlany González Marín (Eufonio), Melissa Quesada Soto (French Horn) and Montserrat Calvo Corella (Tuba).

The invited artists:
Trumpets: Viviana Delgado, Daniela Acuña, Indra López and Roselyn Guido.
French Horn: Katherine Piedra, Laura Segura and Nayudel Carmona
Trombones: Fernanda Pérez, Marisel Torres, Maria José Delgado, Fabiola Parra and Kristel Salas
Eufonio: Ana Luisa Pincay
Tuba: Raquel Martínez
Percussion: Guiselle González and Estefanía Segura
Direction: Stephanie Morera

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