Temporada Náufragos o…

Event Description:

“Náufragos o …” is a theatrical piece that makes us reflect on this theme from the relationship of a man and a woman, who are submerged or stranded on an island due to their insecurities (their relationship), where there is nothing more to play to understand, to hate and to love to support this situation.

Work piece, directed by Malory Grillo, debuting as director and graduated from the career of Dramatic Arts of the UCR, will take us to a world full of absurd games and situations, uncomfortable laughter and confrontational questions that will talk about life as a couple within the framework of a codependent relationship.

Written by the same director and adapted collectively, “Náufragos o …” is inspired by the texts of “Fando y Lis” by Fernando Arrabal, “Cepillo de dientes” by Jorge Días and “Dos viejos Pánico” by Virgilio Piñera.

This pair of castaways will be represented by Mariela Valverde and Roy Begnozzi, and will presented in a single week, Wednesday 26, Thursday 27, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June, at 8:00 pm, and a double show on Sunday June 30 , at 5:00 and 8:00 pm, in the La Alhambra Building, in downtown San José. Book your ticket throught number 8311-5477 or 8719-1582. More information in attached links.

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