Noche de Gala para Mamá

Event Description:

Los Tenores have a special invitation for the most beautiful month of the year, in celebration of Mother’s Day, with concert “Gala Night for Mom” to be held on Saturday, August 18, at Convention Center of Costa Rica.

The night brings as a special guest the singer-songwriter, musician, composer and Mexican music producer Armando Manzanero, with a special tribute to the song “Contigo Aprendí”.

Joaquín Yglesias, Arnoldo Castillo, Rodolfo Gonzalez and Ricardo Bernal joined to form Los Tenores in 2016. Each of them has developed very successful careers individually and since they joined to form this project, they didn’t imagine the success and affection with which they would be received.

Tickets will be on sale soon. For more information, you can contact [email protected] or number 2291-1380, ext. 2. Visit attached links.

Video: Contigo Aprendí
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