Objetos en Viaje

Event Description:

The Argentine company Del Mate puppets and circus, presents the theatrical work “Objects in Travel”, a staging that promotes peace, comprehensive and creative development for the development in society.

Using the techniques of Clown, live music, mini theater of figures, juggling with spinning tops and puppets. Promotes reflection on impermanence, the cycles of life in nature and humanity. Promoting the understanding of different points of view. With metaphors about day and night, the analogy is presented to strengthen the initiative that everything emerges and disappears, sharing a principle of peace and harmony between people and nature.

The work is composed of three paintings linked through music. Don’t miss this special on Father’s Day, on Sunday, June 16, at 5:00 p.m., at the Casa del Arcoiriris. Reservations at number 7265 9731. More information in attached links. Click on tickets button for details on entrance fee!

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