Piaf: Voz y Delirio

Event Description:

The life and the amazing trajectory of “Édith Giovanna Gassion” are brought to the stage in a large-scale show whose thread is the songs that built not only his musical career, but the biography of a whole fundamental era of contemporary universal history. “La vie en rose”, “Je ne regrette rien”, “Padam, padam”, “La foule”, “L’accordioniste” and “Hymne á l’amour” will be heard with a live orchestra that accompanies the show.

The aesthetic goes from the 20’s to the 50’s. It has a live band of 7 master musicians and a movable scenic device that accompanies the emotions of the character and the spaces that it is going through. The songs are interpreted in French and some in English, as they were originally recorded.

Piaf is a significant challenge because of the fascinating and complex nature of its history, which Mariaca Semprún decided to confront when she embodied it. With Leonardo Padrón in writing, a show was created that combines theater with music to result in the final assembly “Piaf, Voz y Delirio”.

The appointment for this great show is Thursday 29, Friday 30 and Saturday 31 August, at the Melico Salazar Popular Theater. More information in the links attached.

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Video: Edith Piaf - La vie en rose (Officiel) [Live Version]
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