Presentación de la novela Ulises en el Caribe

Event Description:

The Cultural Center of Spain – El Farolito invites you this Wednesday, January 29, from 7:00 pm to the presentation of the novel “Ulysses in the Caribbean” by the Author: Antonio Graziosi, the event will be in charge of Rodrigo Soto, writer.

This novel represents a synthesis of years of experience and life of an Italian in the Central American isthmus, for personal, family and work reasons. Antonio Graziosi visited Central America for the first time in 1982, where he discovered a second exotic and imaginative home, but also intense and dramatic.

The book feeds on the places visited, the known people, the experienced situations and the stories and legends heard in almost forty years of life. The novel is a tribute of the author to the nature and societies of Central America, but also a meeting and a fusion with his own original culture, represented by the character of Ulysses, naturally inspired by the youth study of Homer’s Odyssey.

“Antonio Graziosi”, is a labor economist and has worked for almost thirty-two years in a specialized agency of the UN in several countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Ulysses in the Caribbean is his first novel, written among other things in a language that is not his mother tongue.

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