Red Permanezca

Event Description:

On Saturday, February 1 at 7:00 pm in Hospedaje, Casa Torch. We invite you to attend this interesting and complete “Permaculture Design Course – Red Permanezca”. Learn to design productive systems that respect and work with nature instead of against it. This course is not about recipes. It’s about guiding you, explaining each ingredient to each technique, so that you become the chef of your own creation.

Reconnecting with nature and changing the future towards something more respectable compassionate and empathetic is a job that is done together. You will not only have a good time and learn a lot: You will find friends for life.

The Red Permanezca promotes permaculture in the country, motivated by the need of society to seek and practice new ways of living without depleting the natural resources on which the survival and well-being of future generations depends, in addition to building a society more fair and equitable.

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