Regalos Comestibles 1

Event Description:

There are many ways to make a special gift for a family member or friend, and many better if it is “Edible”; That is why at Studio de Arte y Gastronomía Sabrina Vargas-Jiménez a large workshop is organized where you will learn to use different types of ingredients to create original and delicious gifts.

During the workshop you will prepare vodka with cranberries and vanilla, Christmas jam (strawberries), olive oil with herbs, rings for glasses, platter of cheeses and grapes, as well as homemade granola. Wonderful preparations with your own hands and creativity, to leave the palates asking for more. Surprise that special being!

The appointment is for Saturday, August 24 at 3:00 pm. The fee includes 1 gift and tasting. For more information, you must call +506 8383-9807 or visit the attached links.

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