Salsa Brava

Event Description:

On Friday, May 24 starts the weekend with a good start in Bar Jazz Café San Pedro, where the Caribbean rhythm will take over the place in an evening of “Salsa Brava”, with the presentation on stage of one of the specialists in the genre “La 110st Orchestra”, who with their great performances will put everyone to dance from beginning to end, musical instruments and great voices will make theirs and turn the night into the most moved of the week.

For more information and reservations, you must contact the number: +506 2253-8810 or visit the links attached.

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The 110st was born, under the tutelage of its director Ernesto Gallardo, as a group of students eager to learn more about Latin music. Little by little, the ensemble was incorporating different instruments, changing members and preserving others, until it combined the exact elements to create this, our life project.

Video: La110St - Pasión
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