Serrat y Sabina juntos en Costa Rica

Event Description:

On Tuesday, December 17 at 8:30 pm in Parque Viva. There will be a concert for all lovers of quality music, two greats come together for a presentation that will undoubtedly be for the story “Serrat and Sabina together in Costa Rica”.

The tour that will begin in Santiago de Chile in October will arrive in San José in December. It is the third time that these teachers decide to get together and who knows if they will meet again. When it was believed that this new party was no longer possible, the office of Serrat and Sabina confirms that he joins the tour.

This pair of artists will meet with their poetry, their humor, their bowlers, their usual hits and now, their irony and their thousands of followers, the “Nano” and the “Skinny of Úbeda” will go on stage accompanied by their great musicians: Ricardo Mirelles, Pancho Varona, Josep Mas “Kitflus”, Antonio García de Diego, David Palau, Pedro Barceló, José Miguel Pérez Sagaste, Laura Gómez and with Sfia Alegría and Mara Barros in the choirs.

“Joan Manuel Serrat” is a singer-songwriter, composer, actor, writer, poet and Spanish musician. His work has influences from other poets, such as Mario Benedetti, Antonio Machado, Miguel Hernández, Rafael Alberti, Federico García Lorca, Pablo Neruda, Joan Salvat-Papasseit and León Felipe among others; as well as from various genres, such as Catalan folklore, Spanish copla, tango, bolero and the popular Latin American songbook, since it has versioned songs by Violeta Parra and Víctor Jara.

“Joaquín Ramón Martínez Sabina” known as “Joaquín Sabina”, is a Spanish singer-songwriter, poet and painter. He has published seventeen studio albums, five live and three compilations and collaborated with different artists singing duets and performing other collaborations. It is estimated that he has sold more than ten million records and has also composed for other artists such as Ana Belén, Andrés Calamaro or Miguel Ríos, among others.

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Video: Sin Embargo - Sabina & Serrat
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