Sesión de Limpieza Sexual Femenina

Event Description:

“Feminine Sexual Cleansing Session” is aimed at all women who want to make a closure and start over, those who are going through the breakup and mourning of a relationship, those who wish to heal sexual wounds, those who wish to reconnect with female sacred energy, those who want to reconnect with their partners in a comprehensive and healthy sexuality.

The objective of this workshop is to cleanse, heal and balance our sexual energy, close cycles with ex-partners and painful moments of our lives, connect with our Goddess and live our sexuality in a sacred way

Facilitated by Licda Adriana Ulate, anthropologist, healer of the sacred feminine, Maiku guide, guide of women’s circles, carrier of the Sacred Fire. You must bring: notebook for notes, bottle of water, a flower, your amulets and objects of power and come the skirt or long dress. The workshop includes theoretical and practical material.

The appointment is on Saturday, June 22, starting at 1:00 pm, at La Mandrágora. Holistic Center More information in the links attached.

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