Sesión Sensorial Dry-Hopping

Event Description:

The Dry Hopping, which literally translated would be something like hopping dry, is the brewing technique used to give more aroma to beer. Normally it consists in adding dry hops to the beer already elaborated and after having fermented. The brewers who use this process usually do this by adding these dry hops to those who have already added during the preparation and this is what gives the beer a very intense aroma.

In this workshop the same beer will be analyzed, but before being bottled it will be divided into several fermenters adding a different hop variety to each one (dry hopping) and to identify: pros, cons, differences and intensities of each sample.

La Mackavela Academia Cervecera, invites you to attend the “Sensory Dry-Hopping Session” on Saturday, May 4, at 5:30 pm, at Papa Licores Beer House (Curridabat). Limited capacity of 8 people, for information and registration, call 7035-4989. More information in the links attached.

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