Simposio Internacional de Reproduccion Bovina 2019

Event Description:

The International Bovine Reproduction Symposium will offer the opportunity to update with the latest knowledge and research in bovine reproduction, exposed by highly trained professionals.

The exhibitors that visit us, will expose on:
– Pietro Baruselli (Brazil): physiological and reproductive differences, in Vitro embryo production, and IATF and re-IATF programs.
– Gabriel Bó (Argentina): IATF programs and puberty in heifers.
– Alejo Menchaca (Uruguay): IATF protocols, latest advances, implementation of large-scale IATF programs and their productive impact, animals of the future: the CRISPR revolution.
– Álvaro García (USA): venereal diseases: developments in diagnostic techniques, gestational losses in In Vitro recipients, efficient use of embryo receptors.

Event will be held on Wednesday, 13 and Thursday, November 14, at International Convention Center of the Wyndham Hotel Herradura. More information through [email protected]

Cost includes refreshments and lunches the two days, memories and certificate of participation. Visit links attached. Click on tickets button for details about investment!

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