“Takarabune” espectáculo japonés

Event Description:

The National Theater of Costa Rica and the Embassy of Japan present the show “Takarabune”, an entertainment company Awa Odori, which reflects the traditions of Japanese dance, this Wednesday, March 4, starting at 08:00 pm in the Hall Principal.

Takarabune is a creative dance company of Awa Odori, one of the best known traditional Japanese dances with 450 years of history, was founded by Akira Yonezawa of Tokushima, the birthplace of Awa Odori.

Its dance skills, music and dynamic performances captivate the public. With more than 300 shows per year, Takarabune has performed in 38 cities around the world.

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Video: [PV] NUEVA película de promoción de barcos de Takara (30 segundos) | Kagurazaka Awa Odori 2019
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