Taller Ángel de la Navidad

Event Description:

On Saturday, November 16, at 2:00 pm at Casa Havasanda, we invite you to attend this “Angel of Christmas Workshop”.

It is difficult to specify when Christmas began to be celebrated as we know it today. The truth is that the customs, myths and legends that were added over the centuries come from many different countries. Nor is the exact day of Jesus’ birth known, the appearance of Santa Claus also called Santa Claus and the Christmas tree.

In this workshop you can learn to do the ritual of the Christmas tree with the Archangels and know the symbolism of the colors, work the release, leaving behind everything that did not do you well to open everything that comes in this year 2020, and how to elaborate the life project of 2020.

Click on the tickets button for details about entrance fee! For information and reservations, you can contact 8819-5062 or visit the attached links.

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