Taller de Esencias Animales Sagrados

Event Description:

On Saturday, May 25, from 9:00 am in Dharma Health and Wellbeing, we invite you to attend the Workshop of Essences: Sacred Animals.

Content of the course includes
1. First aid kit.
2. Energy system of animals and flower essences.
3. Flower essences for development of human-animal communication and communication between animals.
4. Frequent behavior problems: aggressiveness, separation anxiety, jealousy, sadness, stress, hyperactivity and fear, among others.
5. Essences as coadjuvants of some physical problems.
6. Flower essences for humans: pain for animal suffering, how to heal pain for the loss of a beloved animal.
7. Application of gems and aromatherapy to help animals.
8. Technical aspects: preparation of formulas, forms of application in pets and doses.
9. Case analysis of assistants.

Learn to recuperate your pets with Floral Therapy in a healthy, natural and loving way. Fears, anxieties, aggression and depression are treated.

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