Taller de yoga Shiva – Shakti

Event Description:

On Sunday, April 28 at 9:00 am at the Dance Theater (CENAC). We invite you to attend this great “Shiva Yoga Workshop – Shakti with Esteban Richmond”. As part of the activities of the “India Fest 2019”. Each person possesses feminine and masculine energy within himself, regardless of gender, they inhabit both principles: Shiva-Shakti.

In the Hindu tradition, Shakti represents the feminine principle, it is symbolized by the Kundalini serpent that is coiled at the base of the spine. Shiva, represents the male principle, located in the upper part of the spine. The balance, and the reconciliation between the two energies, allows raising the potential, allowing to manifest nature with greater freedom and totality.

Esteban Richmond: Yogi, dancer, reikista and corporal artist. His spiritual practice and movement research fuses yoga, contemporary dance and the Afro movement as therapies for self-knowledge and well-being, revealing the authentic movement of each being.

For information and reservations you can contact: 8920-8453.

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