Teatro al Mediodía: “Música al Estilo de Jazz Sinfónico”

Event Description:

The National Theater of Costa Rica is pleased to present the San José Concert Band with the concert “Música al Estilo de Sinfónico Jazz”, directed by Juan Loaiza Mayorga. This band is an important reference of the musical history of Costa Rica. For her, great figures of Costa Rican music have passed, such as Manuel María Gutiérrez, composer of the music of the National Anthem of Costa Rica.

In the national social sphere, it has taken on relevance as an artistic group of high cultural value, which is projected to diverse audiences, providing entertainment and recreation, together with an educational, dissemination and dissemination function. As the band of the capital, it participates in the majority of ceremonial activities of the Government of Costa Rica. Do not miss this magnificent concert, next Tuesday, November 13.

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Video: Banda de Conciertos de San José - Jazz Suite de Manfreed Schneider
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