The Vision Board

Event Description:

“The vision board” at a glance is a simple but powerful technique that facilitates the visualization of our projects, dreams and goals, at a short, medium and long term. However, beyond visualization, this technique helps to program our mind from a less superficial and more sub-conscious approach, this causes our brain to begin to work and perform actions that lead to the achievement of our projects.

We invite you to make your Vision Board or vision board, sometimes known as the album of abundance or collage of desires, it will be an intimate and containment space to be honest with yourself and with what we want for our life in this 2019. To visualize it, and think about strategies or steps to achieve and achieve it.

We will work in two directions:
1. Generation of tools to translate your projects, to a short medium and long term.
2. Visualization of the routes, road, the order to follow, for the realization of your projects.

The workshop will be facilitated by Andreamarta Montero Sánchez, Holistic Therapist, Kinesiology of Consciousness, BioCreation Instructor, Meditation and more, on Saturday, May 25, starting at 4:00 pm, at Tin Jo Restaurant. Request the information for the whatsapp deposit 8399-3327. Visit the links attached.

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