The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra

Event Description:

The Glenn Miller Orchestra, under Ray McVay direction, will come to our country to offer the best of swing and return to the golden age of this genre, on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 August at the Melico Salazar Theater, frame of the celebration of Mother’s Day.

The Orchestra, which maintains faithful to sound and style of Glenn Miller, will make the Costa Rican public move to the rhythm of swing in a spectacular concert. Repertoire of this orchestra includes more than 200 songs, with classics such as In the Mood, American Patrol, Chattanooga Choo Choo and Moonlight Serenade, the latter is considered a classic in the field of popular music of all time.

Quite possibly the best American swing is hidden behind dusty vinyl records or successful Broadway musicals; its artistic value and, for many, sentimental, is undeniable. But the best option to enjoy the great musical genre of swing and relive its great themes is to attend a concert by the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the official band that represents the famous musician from Iowa.

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Video: In the Mood - Glenn Miller Orchestra UK led by Ray McVay
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