Tributo a José Capmany

Event Description:

On Saturday, July 20 at 9.30 p.m. in the Yellow Submarine (Bar). You will be paying a deserved “Tribute to Jose Capmany and Café con Leche”. This Costa Rican singer-songwriter, pioneer of rock in our country, will be remembered with the interpretation of his successes by his talented son “Pedro Capmany and the musicians of Café con leche”. You can not lose this.

José Capmany was a Costa Rican composer and guitarist. Along with Enrique Ramírez, he was the founder of the band “Café con Leche”, a popular rock band in Costa Rica at the end of the eighties. His latest release “Canciones Cotidianas” included a compilation of his work.

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For information and reservations you can contact: 8342-9214

Video: Café Con Leche - La Modelo
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