Tributo a Producto Interior Bruto PIB

Event Description:

On Friday, November 16 at 6:00 P.M. In FECOU, University Ecologist Front. We invite you to attend this great “Tribute to Gross Domestic Product GDP”. Enjoy this long-awaited activity, it will be a night full of classics, where you will remember great songs by this Spanish singer, also open healthy food, wine of keffir, crafts, smiles, sale and exchange of plants and exchange of seeds. Entry: Voluntary Contribution.

Guest Bands:
. Hilder
. ZorrAlf
. Shouts
. Azilvestradx
. Toposikosis

In addition to the other activities, the monologue will also be presented: RENACER, written and interpreted by Susan Hdz, a story about a woman who detaches herself from the shadow that tormented her life, thus being reborn.

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Video: p.i.b - mañana voy a verte
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