Tributo a Zoé

Event Description:

On Saturday, April 27, at 9:00 pm at Mundoloco Restaurant, we invite you to attend with your friends this great “Tribute to Zoé”. Enjoy this special tribute with extended setlist, including all the MTV Unplugged and Leon Larregui’s hits.

Zoé is a Mexican band led by León Larregui and formed by Sergio Acosta, Jesús Báez, Ángel Mosqueda and Rodrigo Guardiola. To date, they are one of the most recognized rock bands in Latin America.

Tribute band will be made up of Mauricio Bolaños and Hellen Quirós on vocals, Luis Vargas Ajun and Jose Calderón on guitars, along with Eric MP on bass and Jose Bolaños on drums. In addition, Tony Villegas will participate as guest vocalist.

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Video: Hielo - Tributo a Zoé
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