Varieté Mujeres Libres Riendo – 16va. Edición: Utópicas

Event Description:

Mujeres Libres Riendo is a clown workshop for women and it’s also a multidisciplinary event (varieté) done by girls, for all. Born in Mexico, as a result of the first clown workshop for women with the same name (“Mujeres Libres Riendo”) coordinated by Alicia Olea, clown and puppeteer from Argentina who researches on humor and gender for more than 4 years. First from their stage proposals and then also sharing the information in their workshops.

The Clown Workshop for Women is a different way for women to think about “La Risa de las Mujeres” (this is the current name of the workshop). There, themes such as the absurdity of patriarchy, the body of women as an object and subject of humor, feminine humor in history are addressed (why should we be “seriously responsible?”), Vulnerability, tragedy vs. the liberating laughter, among other topics. Complementary reading material and videos are always provided.

In this edition, the “Utopics” will be Stephany A.V., Diana Betancourt Villa, Victoria Estefania Meza, Ariadna Guevara, Natalia Obando, Yuliana Hernandez, Nana Jimenez, Natalia Guti Lanzoni, Michelle Macluf Vargas and Alicia Olea.

The appointment for the 16th variety edition is for Saturday, July 13, at 7:00 pm, at Casa del Arcoris. More information in links attached. Click on the tickets button and you’ll see the details about the entrance fee!

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