Whiplash: Tributo a Metallica

Event Description:

If you are looking for an unprecedented musical event, we have it for you. You are invited to attend the Observatory Bar on Saturday, November 17 at 9:00 p.m., where you can participate in a great sensory experience at the highest level with the concert of “Whiplash – Tribute to Metallica”. A great tribute to the greatest metal band of all time.

It will be presented a never before seen show of lights, a very special repertoire and of course, the most extreme performance of Thrash Metal.

Whiplash- Metallica Tribute Band is the official Metallica Tribute band in Costa Rica, along with The Chapter 457 Costa Rica Fade to Black. Its sole purpose is to pay the best tribute to the greatest Metal band of all time: Metallica! His show is focused on bringing the best experience that a Metallica concert offers, from the lineup, the repertoire, the musical performance to the light show!

For more information visit the links attached. Click on the ticket button and you can see the details of the tickets!

Video: Whiplash INC. - Fuel (Metallica Tribute - Live 2016)
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