Will of the Mountain – En Vivo

Event Description:

Sonido Garbo presents to Will of the Mountain, who will officially release their second album “The Third Silence” live, plus repertoire of the first.

In this album, “The Third Silence”, Calvo is using five singers who perform together in some songs, making harmonies with each other, or taking the initiative when the song needs it. In addition, there will be several instrumentalists invited. The Third Silence is a concept register. Calvo decided to write about life and death, about what we decided to leave behind when we passed. It’s a very personal record that touches the themes of despair, loneliness, hope and how we decide to live our lives at every step of our lives.

Invitation is for Friday, July 12, from 8:30 pm in Sala Garbo. More information in attached links. Click on tickets button for details on entrance fee!

Video: En el Aire (lyric video/video con letra)
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