Under The Wings of Darkness & Blasphemy IV: Horna

Event Description:

ETZ 666 Productions brings the fourth edition of the Black Metal festival “Under The Wings Of Darkness & Blasphemy”, which promises to be an unforgettable event, this time will feature for the first time with the participation of a Finnish Black Metal band in the country , the mythical “Horna”, who visit the country as part of their tour: The Abyssic Pestilence Return to Glory Latin American Tour 2019, on Thursday, October 17, at Grich Events Center.

The Nihilismo bands (Honduras), The Forest (Guatemala) and the nationals of Hunab Ku will be present at the ceremony.

Horna (formerly known as Shadowed) is a Finnish black metal band that formed in 1993. The band has appeared in more than thirty releases including splits, demos, EPs and albums since 1995.

Current members of Horna:
– Shatraug (Ville Pystynen) – guitar (1993-present), voice (1993-1996), accompaniment voice (1996-present)
– Infection (Mynni Luukkainen) – bass guitar (2002-2008), guitar, choirs (2008-present)
– Spellgoth (Tuomas Rytkönen) – vowels (2009-present)
– LRH (Lauri Rytkönen) – battery (2016-present)
– VnoM (Ville Markkanen) – low (2018-present)

Event for over 15 years old (accompanied by an adult). For more information about booking tickets at 84369678. Visit links attached. Click on the tickets button for details on entrance fee!

Video: HORNA — Live 2019
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