Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano

Venue Description: The North American Costarican Cultural Center, fulfilling a trajectory of more than 70 years, has become the pioneer and leader in the teaching of English in Costa Rica, developing in parallel as a bridge between both cultures to be a binational center, declared of interest public since 1993.

Our mission is to be leaders in the innovative teaching of the English language and in the promotion of intercultural experiences. Added to this, our vision is to enrich the quality of life, expand horizons and create opportunities through the cultural exchange of the peoples of Costa Rica and the United States of America. We have based our work for decades on four lines of action: ENGLISH, RESOURCES, CULTURE AND SOCIAL PROJECTION.

The first axis responds to our academic offer, providing variety and quality in our English programs, all under the alliance with National Geographic Learning. Our academic range is directed and focused to audiences of different ages and, at the same time, it allows us to teach all the necessary skills to be able to master the English language for its application in diverse contexts and experiences.

Along with teaching English, we have managed to consolidate robust additional resources to maximize language learning. Several examples are our Mark Twain Libraries (available in each of the venues), our extensive offer of preparatory courses and application of international TOEIC and TOEFL tests (through the representation of ETS in Costa Rica), or even with professional and personalized advice to study at universities in the United States (Education USA).

From our creation to the present, the promotion of culture and intercultural experiences between the peoples of Costa Rica and the United States has been another pillar of the organization. As a binational center, we have become the quintessential entity that exhibits and shares with its students and the general public the art manifestations and traditions of North American culture, through the Galeria Sophia Wanamaker spaces and the Eugene O'Neill Theater.

The fourth axis of the institution corresponds to social projection, which we have been working on for decades with the aim of providing hundreds of young Costa Ricans, mainly those at a social disadvantage, with the possibility of studying and graduating from our English programs, as a result of the scholarship programs that we offer exclusively and with the support of foundations, companies and the US Embassy.
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