Centro de Cine Costa Rica

Venue Description: We are the Costa Rican Film Production Center, an institution attached to the Ministry of Culture and Youth, which is responsible for promoting audiovisual activity in our country. It is the technical and specialized entity of the State in the field of national cinema and video, created by law 6158, November 1977. The institution organizes its work in three lines of development, training and preservation.

In terms of development, our mission is to systematize, administer, promote and grant various economic aid for your investment in the Costa Rican audiovisual production.

We promote the formation and consolidation of cultural enterprises and support the production of diverse forms of audiovisual work from its development phases to its local and international distribution.

In addition to managing its own fund (El Fauno) and supporting Costa Rican filmmakers for training in international workshops, the Film Center promotes the connection of the Costa Rican film movement with regional and continental initiatives, such as IBERMEDIA and DocTV.

Likewise, our commitment to the audiovisual sector forces us to create new audiences from the formation of audiences of all ages and in all regions of the country to the organization of continuous screenings, exhibitions and special festivals for the national and international cinema exhibition high invoice.

Within this philosophy, the National Cinematheque becomes an important tool for the fulfillment of these goals and, from now on, the Preamble program, the tours and cultural extension workshops, the diverse shows in alliance with embassies and other ONG'S, produce a series of projects of impact and relevance for the development of national production.

Finally, the history of a nation since the end of the 19th century is also built with moving images, which is why the preservation area of ​​the Cinema Center, which involves recapturing, restoring, cataloging, digitizing and archiving material They are the fundamental basis of our work.


We are the specialized technical and cultural institution of the State that promotes the production, diffusion and national and international film culture, through the realization of activities and the elaboration of strategies that impact the audiovisual sector and the citizens.


To be the entity that dynamizes the cinematographic and audiovisual activity of Costa Rica, through strategic national and international alliances for the development of the sector and citizenship.

Specific objectives

Promote the participation of national audiovisual and cinematographic projects in the Ibermedia fund (Ibermedia, Doc TV) and the seed capital fund in order to increase the Costa Rican audiovisual production.

Produce the Costa Rica International Film Festival to increase the participation of national and international audiovisual artists and link the CRFIC with other international forums, for the dissemination of works and audiovisual education of the population.
Make the cataloging and archiving of the materials of the Image Archive and put them online, to facilitate the access of these materials to the general public.

To record through audiovisual media characters, customs, cultural and political events that contribute to the conformation of our identity, to make those images and testimonies available to the public.

Conducting cultural outreach tours outside the Greater Metropolitan Area to bring to the communities film festivals, film series, talks, film forums and the realization of television programs that serve to disseminate the production of national and international audiovisual and cinematographic works.

To provide users with access to the Image Archive, with the purpose of making known the Costa Rican film memory.

Improve institutional administrative management, implementing a management model that includes the articulation of human resources, technology, processes, relationships and management by results.

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