Centro Holístico Bodhi

Venue Description: Bodhi is a term in Pali and Sanskrit, which is traditionally translated as 'enlightenment'. It is also the tree under which Buddha sat to meditate, reaching spiritual enlightenment.
Bodhi was born from the union of two projects www.FloresdeBachcr.com and www.experienciamindfulness.com, in charge we are Licda. Joselyn Sáenz and Lic. José Luis Ramírez.

We decided to join both projects since we have been working together for years and there are services that we did not offer, such as auriculotherapy, reiki, numerology and we wanted to focus both on a more holistic, integrative and open psychology, which would allow us to help people not only to heal your psyche, but they will heal holistically.

All human beings on the planet have in us the infinite capacity to be light, through these alternative therapies and psychology we believe it is possible to approach it.

We invite you to learn more about our services by visiting www.bodhicr.com.
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