Chietón Morén

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Venue Description: The Chietón Morén Museum and Market, is the space of the indigenous artisans of Costa Rica, for direct sale without intermediaries. All ethnic groups participate, exhibiting and offering their art directly.

It is sustained thanks to the work of volunteering and the reception offered by the Parish La Dolorosa in San José.

A place to recognize our cultural roots

Chietón̈ Morén̈ means Good Deal in the Brunka language.
That is what the artisan ladies of the Boruca community asked for, who started the project: a good deal when they offered their crafts to the public.

The project arose from that group of ladies but indigenous people from all the original towns were quickly incorporated:
* Huetares, from the Territory of Quitirrisí
* Teribes, from the Territory of Terraba
* Bruncas, from the Boruca and Rey Curré Territories.
* Ngöbes: from the Territories of Osa, Coto Brus, Alto San Antonio, Conte and Conte Burika
* Bribris: Watsi, Salitre, Kashabri
* Malecus: Palenque The Sun
* Cabécares: Bajo Chirripó, Palmera and Poza Azul
* Chorotega Culture: Ecomuseum of San Vicente de Nicoya.

In 2012, the Chietón Morén Cultural Association was formed, whose board of directors is made up of representatives of all ethnic groups and is responsible for the administration of the Museum and Market.

Today, June 10, 2015, more than 190 indigenous people participate.

The sale is direct without intermediaries. Each product has the name of the craftswoman, her community and the price she sets. The association puts a small surplus ONLY to cover operating costs, which are very few.

For this reason the prices are very fair, both for the artisan person, as for the customers.

Students from the University Community Work of the School of Administration of the University of Costa Rica participate in the project, which allows the premises to be open to the public from Monday to Saturday.

- - -

The sale of crafts is direct: from the artisan, to the client, without intermediaries.

Neither the store, nor the association, nor the volunteers have earnings for this service they provide. The Chietón Morén Museum and Market is supported by volunteer work: a group of volunteers, mostly pensioners and students doing their University Community Work (TCU).

The sale price of each product includes a small percentage with which the operating expenses (electricity, water, patents, bags, cleaning) are paid, which are minimal.

The visitor can get a first idea of ​​the richness and cultural diversity of the indigenous peoples that exist in the country.

With the help of the Office of Community Museums, the National Museum, students of the TCU of the Véritas University and sponsors of the project, we managed to set up a space with information about our villages.

Admission is free. We offer an informative talk for groups, by appointment.
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