Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica

Venue Description: Since its inauguration, the National Stadium was administrated by the Costa Rican Institute of Sport and the Recreation (ICODER). At the begining of the year 2012 the Escrow 1065 ICODER BNCR was created with the intention of creating a figure called Administration, having as the main function of the National Stadium and its facilities to promote sport in general and encourage all athletes by the facilitation of areas and comfort suitable for the practice of various disciplines.

The main objectives of the creation of Escrow 1065 and the Administration will be the managment, mainteinance, administration and improvement of the National Stadium of Costa Rica's infrastructure. This Escrow will be in charge of the procurement and administration of the funds, management and improvement of activities, as well as the execution of investments that guarantee the support of the Escrow, guaranteeing as a goal the internal management of the National Stadium of Costa Rica.

Under this figure our National Stadium, thanks to the events and visitors who attend such events as football matches, concerts, fairs, corporate events in the halls, among others, manages to be self-sustaining without receiving any help from the national budget.
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